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Sauna Park


We invite you to visit our Sauna Park, where you will relax in a pleasant environment. Our main advantages are the location in Bled, free parking, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in the natural environment.


You can choose from four saunas:


  • Herbal sauna,
  • Finnish sauna,
  • Infrared sauna,
  • Steam sauna.

There is also a cooling pool next to the saunas.


The Sauna Park addmission fee includes:


  • use of all saunas,
  • use of indoor and outdoor massage pool,
  • various experience showers (tropical rain, waterfall, massage nozzles),
  • Kneipp baths,
  • peels and wraps according to the sauna program,
  • rest area with comfortable loungers,
  • use of the outdoor terrace,
  • the use of a massage path designed to stimulate the reflex zones on the feet,
  • towel and sheet,
  • refreshments with water, tea, and fresh fruit,
  • the possibility of using the fitness and multi-purpose gym.


Price list 

(time-unlimited entry)


Monday - Friday                                   20 € per person

Saturday - Sunday                                25 € per person

Hotel guests                                          10 € per person

Three-month ticket                               290 EUR 

Six-month ticket                                    590 EUR 


Only Adults (18+) are allowed to enter the wellness center. There are two hot tubs in the Sauna Park, where it is mandatory to wear a swimsuit. Sauna is without a swimsuit or using the sheet you receive at the wellness reception. Bathrobe: 3 EUR 



(time-unlimited entry)


10 visits

19 EUR/visit


20 visits

17 EUR/visit


30 visits and more

15 EUR/visit


We recommend booking the desired date of the visit in advance.


Contact: Wellness Center Astoria, 00386 45 79 44 10, wellness-astoria@vgs-bled.si.

Opening hours: every day between 2 pm and 9 pm (changes of the working day depending on the season are possible)




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