You can buy Sandra's hearts at the hotel reception. They cost EUR 7.  By buying them you will help the Centre for Training, Work and Care Radovljica as a part of the money will be given to them for the purpose of future successful projects.


Sandra's story

I am Sandra Svetina and I live with my parents in Bled. I am 29. I have Down syndrome. I have been a member of the Centre for Training, Work and Care Radovljica for eight years. I make unique ceramic products there.


I have always been watching cookery shows on TV. My favourite was famous master Rudolf and his desserts. I was amazed by his work. I realised that I would like to make desserts as well. I hoped that one day my wish would come true.


I told my parents and mentors in the Centre for Training, Work and Care Radovljica my secret wish. Soon after that, the manager invited me to an interview. She asked me if I would like to bake and told me I could go to a confectioner who would teach me a lot. I was over the moon while my mum wasn't as she used to work in hospitality. She was worried that the work would be too difficult.  Together we went to the Astoria Hotel in Bled. The confectioner said that I could be her assistant. I decided to accept the challenge. My mother respected my decision.


I started to learn how to make desserts. In the beginning I was worried whether I would be able to learn everything and be good enough. My mentor was confectioner Judita. She helps me with advice and instructions. Now I don't worry anymore as I have learnt a lot from her. We get on very well and we are the best team.


My favourite is baking and decorating biscuits. I am especially proud that I have helped make a wedding cake. I made creams, sponge cake and decorations. It was in three layers. This was my biggest achievement. Our desserts are really good. At least, that is what guests say, and sometimes I taste them as well. Of course, I can't eat too many so as not to put on weight.


Now I work in the Astoria Hotel several times a week. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity and that they trusted me that I would be able to learn to work precisely and as independently as possible. I am really proud of myself.


I know that I am very lucky that I can do what makes me happy and that is making desserts in the Astoria Hotel. I would like to spread joy and love among people and what I like making most are chocolate hearts. In this way, I share my happiness. This is my dream job.


Press release is available here.

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