Who organizes the game and awards the prize? 

The organizer of the game is VSŠ Bled, Hotel Astoria, Prešernova cesta 32, 4260 Bled, which also awards the prize.  The prize cannot be exchanged for money and it is not transferrable to another person.

When and where does the game take place? 
The game takes place at in the period from 1 August 2023 to 19 December 2023. 


Who can participate in the game and how? 
All participants in business events in the Astoria Hotel Bled, who fill in an online form in the period from 1 August 2023 to 19 December 2023. The form is accessible via Conference guest  QR code. The QR code is located in front and in the Astoria Hotel Bled conference rooms.

In order to participate in the game, the participant fills in an online questionnaire, enters the name and surname and email address. It is compulsory to confirm General Terms and Conditions (Zvop-2).

The winner will be informed immediately after the prize draw on Wednesday, 20 December 2023 at Everybody, who fills in the form, accessible via Conference guest QR code, in the period from 1 August 2023 at 00.00 to 19 December at 2023 at 24.00, will participate in the game.

1 (one) winner will be drawn. The prize is a 2-day stay for two people in a double room with self-service breakfast included. Tourist tax is not included and the winner is to pay it upon arrival.


The winner is advised to book the dates as soon as possible.  The dates will be confirmed subject to availability in the Astoria Bled Hotel . The winner will be informed by the Astoria Bled Hotel sales department. In case the selected dates are not available, the Astoria Bled Hotel will suggest two other dates and the winner will confirm one of those.


Who cannot participate in the game? 
The Astoria Bled Hotel employees or their close family members or VSŠ Bled suppliers cannot participate in the game.


Minors cannot participate in the prize draw.

How will the prize draw take place? 
Prize draw will take place on 20 December 2023 at VSŠ Bled, the Astoria Hotel. One winner will be drawn from all the correctly completed online forms. The draw will be conducted and supervised by a board, consisting of VSŠ Bled employees.

Minutes of the draw will be made after the draw. The results are final.  

The winner will be informed by email not later than two working days after the draw.

VSŠ Bled will inform the winner to the email address, provided in the online form.


The winner should answer the email within seven working days in accordance with the instructions sent.

In the reply, the winner has to agree with the rules of the game and accepting the prize, the tax number, name of the competent tax authority, consent to submit personal details (name, surname, address, telephone, email address, tax number and the competent tax authority) to VSŠ Bled and consent for the personal details (name and surname) to be published on the Astoria Hotel website.

The winner's name and surname will be published on the Astoria Hotel website. The winner is not eligible to receive the prize in case no reply to the email is received within seven days or in case the winner does not agree with receiving the prize or does not submit the required details or all the consents. In addition, the winner is not eligible to receive the prize in case of breaching the rules and terms of the game. In case of any of the above, the organizer of the game draws another winner. In such case the organizer is released from all the obligations to the winner on the basis of these rules.


After submitting all the required information, the winner will receive a gift voucher or the prize by email.

Changes of the terms and conditions of the game

VSŠ Bled, the Astoria Hotel may change the terms and conditions of the game at any time if required by technical or commercial reasons or reasons on the part of the public.  The organizer shall publish any changes on the Hotel Astoria website where the game is presented.

Protection and use of personal data

The organizer is obliged to protect personal and other data of the game participants.

It is not allowed to share the game participants' personal data to third parties without the participant's explicit consent, save in cases laid down by law.



In case of changes in the policy of personal data protection the organizer shall inform the participants in the game without delay and accurately about the purpose, way and period of collecting, processing, storing and use of the users' personal and other data.


The organizer collects, processes, stores and uses the participants' personal and other data so that they can participate in the game and receive information about any special offers, new offers, benefits and for sending newsletters and other promotional material.


The organizer keeps a list of winners.


The organizer takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent any accidental, unauthorized or unlawful acquisition, processing, destruction, loss, damage or disclosure of personal and other data of the participants.



The organizer shall not be held liable for occasional non-functioning of the Astoria Hotel website or non-functioning of services, resulting from non-functioning of the contractual partners' networks, power cuts, various technical problems, inaccurate information or damage, if any, incurred due to the use of incorrect or incomplete information. The organizer does not assume any responsibility for any consequences, resulting from the participation in the game. 

Cancellation of participation or unsubscribing

The participant has the right to cancel participation in the game at any time and unsubscribe from receiving information, news, offers … by the organizer.


The participant unsubscribes or cancels participation by sending an email with the text "UNSUBSCRIBE" to  or unsubscribes on the link, available in each email, sent to the user by the organizer.  

Additional information and complaints

For any additional information, complaints, technical problems, related to the game or the prize, please send an email to  



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