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Massages and body care


Some massages are marked with a *, which means they are possible to use also as a part of our project called the "Student hours". Please see our Information link for more details on this offer. 



The Astoria body care massage will improve your general well-being. The treatment begins with a refreshing dry exfoliation using a natural bristle body brush. A face, décolleté and scalp massage. The treatment continues with a foot reflexology massage and whole-body massage. This massage is ideal for healthy skin and improved mental and physical conditions.

100 min., 70 EUR

Anti-stress massage

An ideal treatment for relieving the effects of stress. The anti-stress massage begins with a dry exfoliation using a natural bristle brush, which is followed by a classical body massage.

60 min., 45 EUR (*)

Head and foot reflexology massage

The therapeutic effect of head massage (including the face, neck muscles, and scalp)  induces physical and mental relaxation.

60 min., 45 EUR

Foot reflexology massage

In reflexology, specific pressure is applied to the reflex points of the feet to activate the energy flow in the body. The massage can identify early signs of conditions before they develop symptoms. A perfect treatment for whole-body relaxation.

60 min., 45 EUR (*)

Classical body massage

The classical massage is one of the most natural treatments to enhance blood circulation, help muscles to relax, and promote health and well-being.


60 min., 45 EUR (*)

Part body massages

Leg massage

A classical whole leg massage with warm herbal oil of your choice and a final moisturization with a soothing foot cream will rejuvenate your tired and sore legs.

30 min., 30 EUR (*)

Foot reflexology massage

Foot massage of reflex points on the feet stimulates internal organs and helps your body to relax. If you do not wish to be given a foot massage, the technique can also be applied to the hands.

30 min., 30 EUR (*)

Face, neck and décolleté massage

This pampering massage improves blood circulation, relaxes your facial and neck muscles, and leaves you feeling uplifted and radiant.

30 min., 25 EUR (*)

Upper back massage

Increased blood circulation in the upper back helps alleviate tension and pain.

20 min., 20 EUR (*)

Lower back massage

Lower back massage can help relieve pressure on the lower back, resulting mostly from lack of exercise or excessive body weight.

20 min., 20 EUR (*)

BACK massage

A relaxing massage of the back relieves muscle tension and promotes regeneration. In everyday life, we can use specific movements and breathing techniques to become more aware of the profound connection between body and mind.

30 min., 30 EUR (*)


Manual lymph drainage and body peelings

Whole-body manual lymph drainage and foot reflexology massage

100 min., 70 EUR


Whole-body manual lymph drainage

80 min., 60 EUR


Whole leg manual lymph drainage

60 min., 50 EUR


Body salt peeling with classical massage

80 min., 60 EUR (*)


Body salt peeling

40 min., 20 EUR (*)

Body care treatments

BODY Anti-aging 

60 min., 39 EUR


Anti-cellulite treatment

90 min., 75 EUR



60 min., 45 EUR


Aromatic care - Relax

60 min., 35 EUR


Aromatic care - Vital

60 min., 35 EUR

Hand and foot treatments


Our manicure treatment includes the application of nourishing cream, hand massage, filing and shaping of nails, and a polish of your choice.

60 min., 35 EUR



Part manicure

The part manicure treatment includes the application of nourishing cream and nail polishing with nail color.


30 min., 15 EUR (*)


The pedicure includes a salt and herbs peeling and herbal bath, followed by a nourishing cream massage, nail shaping, and polish with nail color.


60 min., 40 EUR





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