The Bled Vocational College for Hospitality, Wellness, and Tourism, which also includes the Astoria school hotel, has been successfully developing for the third decade. Since its establishment in 1996, until September 2019, more than 1,700 students have obtained the diploma of business organizer in catering and tourism or wellness. On the way to graduation, our graduates and students with their knowledge and work make an important contribution to the successful operation and development of tourism, hospitality, wellness, and related fields in Slovenia and abroad.
A special feature of VSŠ Bled is the school hotel Astoria, which operates within the legal framework of the Inter-Entrepreneurial Education Center MIC. The Astoria School Hotel provides practical training to students of higher education programs at the Institute and to students and students of other secondary and higher education and study programs. The operation of the Astoria school hotel within the Institute offers many advantages for students and all employees, but at the same time, its management is associated with challenges and requires constant development. We are thus developing new forms of education on the market, which derive from experience with courses for the unemployed, courses for tourist guides of the Julian Alps region, PZS caretakers, and training of CUDV protégés Matevž Langus Radovljica.




By intertwining the experience and knowledge and the affiliation of the employees, with the fresh ideas of the students, we create a unique atmosphere and a unique experience for the guest. Our goal is to become a recognizable hotel culinary center, focused on knowledge, with a learning center for students and with a constructively responsible and respectful attitude towards the natural, social and cultural environment. We are aware that sustainable business is not only our responsibility to the environment but also to our advantage. "


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