Being here, feeling well


Bled offers unforgettable honeymoons, full of tradition and beauty.


Come and experience the magic of Bled’s fairytale! Just say “I do” and we’ll make your dream wedding come true. Our longstanding tradition in organising banquets and ceremonies, along with our breathtaking locations and the romantic atmosphere our spaces can create, will give the most important day of your life that special touch of magic you are looking for.


Our experienced personnel will handle every aspect of your wedding reception, from helping you choose the decorations, to the photography and videography, from the table layout, to the live music. Everything down to the most detail will be carefully taken care of, when you choose us, to make your most special day unforgettable.


We will be honoured to have you as guests for this momentous occasion, and we want to wish you luck, happiness and fortune by giving you your first night's accommodation at Hotel Astoria Bled as our wedding present to you, and we’ll take special care in serving a delicious and lavish breakfast the day after in your room.


You want your friends and family members close to you. We understand and value that, and for this reason we will be most pleased to grant to all of your guests a special discount for their stay at Hotel Astoria Bled.


For wedding celebration booking please send your request to or call us, 00386 45 79 44 14.



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